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AC Schnitzer ACL2 to show the BMW M range who’s boss

Geneva Motor Show 2016: What’s red, green and wants to outgun the BMW M2, M3, M4 and M5? The delightfully powerful AC Schnitzer ACL2, that’s what.

Like Trigger’s broom, AC Schnitzer has modified the BMW M235i it is based on so heavily that it’s virtually a different car, but who cares when there are considerably more horses under the bonnet than the M4 GTS and M5? 562 of them, in fact.

The 3.0-litre in the M235i has been ditched in favour of a 3.0-litre twin-turbo six cylinder from the BMW M4, enhanced by an optimised carbon air intake, AC Schnitzer sports exhaust, Drexler locking differential, lightweight battery and a new ECU.

0-62mph takes 3.9 seconds for the AC Schnitzer ACL2, bettering the M3 and M4 Competition Package by a tenth of a second. More insane, however, is its ability to reach a claimed 205mph ─ 50mph faster than its electronically limited M brethren.

There’s more to AC Schnitzer’s creation than outright power. It has AC Schnitzer Clubsport height adjustable suspension and 20-inch AC1 forged alloys wrapped in Michelin PSS tyres so it should take corners with terrifying conviction.

As for the special AC Schnitzer spoiler that sits 250mm above the boot, it’s only going to try and push the car through the floor with serious levels of downforce.

Those meaty, get out of my way looks stem from a new carbon fibre rear diffuser, carbon fibre bonnet, optimised front skirt and wheel arches so flared you could use them as a shelf.

The inside is less lairy, but there’s no escaping from the green, which can be seen on the steering wheel, carbon bucket seats, stereo, doors and floor mats. AC Schnitzer has also been kind enough to add aluminium pedals and a special control display.

Supposedly the AC Schnitzer ACL2 costs €149,000. That’s £116,000 based on today’s exchange rate, making it £3,000 cheaper than an Audi R8 V10 and £80,000 less than a standard M235i with a manual gearbox.

A price as brave as the paintjob, then.

AC Schnitzer ACL2 pictures


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