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Angry woman lists her ‘satanic’ Mini on eBay for 99p

A woman who got so fed up at her Mini decided to sell it on eBay – with a starting price of just 99p.

40-year-old Rachel Young was the proud owner of her 2004 Mini Cooper S for just 12 hours before it ‘blew up’ as she drove from her home in Darlington, County Durham. It has since been in and out of garages six times at a cost of £1,600.

Young decided to part ways with the Mini. But rather than sugar coat its condition though, she wrote one of the most honest eBay adverts ever ─ including the title ‘Mini Cooper S 2004 Absolute Piece Of Excrement’.

The opening description reads: “Here is for sale my Mini Cooper S (Satan) be under no illusion I hate it! It has caused me more issues than the entire breakdown of my marriage and that was up there with life’s travestys!”

The mother of one added: “I’d rather have a limb off or my mentally unstable ex husband back than drive this a**hole of a second longer,” and that “unfortunately our relationship is over the trust has gone I feel nothing but anger and resentment!”

One mechanic, having repaired most of the parts on the car, declared that nothing else could go wrong. Sadly he was wrong and it returned to the garage a further three times.

Parts that have need replacing or work include the oil filter, water tank, thermostat housing, head gasket, piston rings, head shells and the engine was stripped down and rebuilt. Basically a new car, then.

Since the advert went live, Young has received more than 200 messages, including a marriage proposal and a few other ‘more rude propositions’, as well as more than 150,000 views.

There are just 11 hours left on the auction at the time of writing and the total stands at £6,500 from 48 bids plus £3.30 postage (for some reason), far surpassing its 99p starting amount. Check out the full advert here.


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