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Apple CarPlay debuts in the Ferrari FF

Apple CarPlay – formerly iOS in the Car – has made its public debut in a car you will probably never own. The first Ferrari FF with Apple’s infotainment system was delivered to a customer in Italy on September 8th.

“Deliveries of the Ferraris sporting the innovative integrated Apple technology commenced over the last few days and the cars are now arriving at their final destinations and will hit the road all over the world,” Ferrari said on its blog.

It is currently unclear whether current FF owners will be able to update their existing infotainment system to enjoy the benefits of CarPlay, which includes the ability to make calls and stream music, navigate via Apple Maps and have text messages read out by Siri voice – iPhone functionality in a car, basically.

Ferrari also announced it would be bringing CarPlay to its V8 California T.

A number of other car manufacturers are set to release Apple CarPlay-enabled cars, including Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, although reports say Mercedes and Volvo have delayed their respective launches until 2015.

The Ferrari FF is a two-door, four-wheel drive, four-seater with a 651bhp V12. 0 to 62mph takes 3.7 seconds. Prices start around £225,000 so you are better off looking at a Pioneer headunit if you want Apple in your car now, or wait for the more affordable manufacturers to get involved. 

Check out the official Ferrari CarPlay trailer and then a hands-on below.

Ferrari FF with CarPlay video


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