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Aston Martin celebrates 100 years with CC100 Speedster Concept

2013 marks 100 years since Aston Martin began churning out sports cars, and that’s plenty reason to celebrate. Rather than host a party or invite all its mates round to quaff champagne and reminisce, the company is celebrating its centenary with a bonkers new CC100 Speedster Concept.

The car draws inspiration from the 1959 DBR1, but features plenty of modern Aston touches that show the company can still innovate when the mood strikes it. Yes, it looks a bit like a snake that’s been stepped on, and with a roof, it’d probably look a lot like the Virages, Vantages and DB cars of this world, but it’s an arresting sight to say the least.

Unveiled at the Nordschliefe today ahead of the the 24 hours of Nurburgring, the CC100 Speedster was driven by Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez, who piloted the roofless wonder around the circuit alongside a DBR1 driven by British racing legend Sir Stirling Moss.

“CC100 is the epitome of everything that is great about Aston Martin,” said Bez. “It represents our fantastic sporting heritage, our exceptional design capability, our superb engineering know-how and, above all, our adventurous spirit!

“I have nicknamed it ‘DBR100’ because of its affinity to the great 1959 race-winning cars and, of course, our 100-year anniversary in 2013.

“But this car is more, even, than a simple ‘birthday present’ to ourselves: it shows that the soul of Aston Martin – the thing that differentiates us from all the other carmakers out there – is as powerful as ever and I very much hope that everyone who catches a glimpse of it at the Nürburgring today enjoys seeing it.”

The Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept uses the company’s go-to 6-litre V12 engine, which fires several hundred horses through a six-speed hydraulically actuated automatic sequential manual transmission. Aston Martin hasn’t revealed any power figures, but it has confirmed the car can hit 60mph from rest in four seconds and that it has an electronically limited top speed of 180mph.

“The future of Aston Martin is, very clearly, more exciting now than perhaps at any time in its history and I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement and anticipation that CC100 creates among Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts worldwide,” Bez added.

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept pictures


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