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Aston Martin pram is perfect for high-strollers

Everything nowadays can be used as a statement of wealth and status, which is why the Aston Martin pram for financially-blessed families should come as no surprise to anyone.

Built in partnership with pram maker Silver Cross, the Aston Martin pram is made of the exact same Alacantara leather found in its cars, and the wheels ditch plastic in favour of mini, fewer-spoked aluminium versions of the alloy wheels found on the £1.2 million Aston Martin One-77 supercar. Talk about the ultimate in baby bling.

Crazier still, the Aston Martin pram comes with an air-ride suspension system to ensure your baby is shielded from the perils of a deteriorating pavement or kerb drop-offs. Oh, and the handle is adjustable so it should feel comfortable no matter who is in “driver’s seat”.

At a cool £2,000, the Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Edition pram, to use its full name, is definitely not for everyone, but its exclusively goes some way to justifying the cost. Just 800 will be made, according to Silver Cross, and each one will comes with a brushed chrome plaque to indicate authenticity.

“A complete travel system with a fully reclining seat, forward and rear facing pushchair settings and a carry cot for use from birth, this really is a must have for the most fast-paced lifestyle and is quite simply the most exclusive pram in the world,” Silver Cross explained. “The Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Edition is the ultimate in comfort for your baby and in style for the owner.”

If you thought the Aston Martin pram was bonkers, you could spend a whopping £25,000 on the also incredibly rare Aston Martin One-77 bicycle. Something for the kids to grow into, perhaps?

The Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Edition will go on sale as part of the Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection at Harrods in London from April, 2013.


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