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The new Aston Martin Vulcan is an 800bhp track monster

Think the Aston Martin One-77 is extreme? Well get a load of this; the Aston Martin Vulcan – a supercar built exclusively to rip up race circuits.

Let’s talk power first of all; grunt comes courtesy of a front mid-mounted 7.0-litre V12 that throws in excess of 800bhp via a race-inspired rear mid-mounted Xtrac six-speed sequential shift gearbox – so it’s quick.

It’s relatively light, too, thanks to extensive use of carbon fibre. Aston Martin has yet to confirm the car’s official heft, but the Vulcan is based on a modified version of the One-77’s carbon fibre monocoque, built by the company’s long-term body engineering partner Multimatic. It also features a magnesium torque tube with carbon fibre propeller shaft and Brembo racing calipers that pinch carbon ceramic racing disc brakes.

The Vulcan features pushrod suspension, anti-roll bars front and rear, driver-adjustable anti-lock brakes and variable traction control, which most of us will want to leave cranked up to the maximum given the amount of power on tap. For those that don’t, there’s a full FIA-certified roll cage.

Want one? Well you can’t have one; not unless you can raise £1.5 million any time soon – and we do mean soon, because Aston Martin only intends to build 24 Vulcans. Those lucky enough to snap one up will also be offered the chance to take part in some intensive track driver training in cars such as the V12 Vantage S and One-77 with the likes of Le-Mans-winning driver Darren Turner.

Like it? Let us know what you think in the comments below and stick around for more coverage of the Vulcan and other sexy new metal from next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

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