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Audi Allroad Shooting Brake offers ‘glimpse of the near future’

Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept revealed.

Audi has unveiled a compact crossover known as the Allroad Shooting Brake – and with it an insight into future models. Audi says the concept, set to debut at the Detroit motor show, offers “very concrete glimpses of the near future”.

Has Audi given us a glimpse of what the new TT will look like? Or is the new Q1? We’re not sure. All we know is the Allroad Shooting Brake looks like a phenomenal slice of motoring.

A 2.0-litre TFSI with 292PS (288bhp) and 380Nm of torque works alongside two electric motors, taking the total output to 408PS (403bhp) and 650Nm of torque. 0 to 62mph takes 4.6 seconds and the top speed is limited to 155mph.

One electric motor works alongside the petrol engine to provide power to the front wheels, while the other takes care of the rear wheels when the car deems it necessary – if the road becomes slippery, for example.

A combination of the second motor and a 8.8kWh battery provides an all-electric range of 31 miles.

The Allroad Shooting Brake looks to back up serious performance with efficiency. For every 100km of travel it sips a mere 1.9 litres of fuel, which equates to a ridiculous 149mpg. Audi claims a range of 510 miles is achievable on a full tank of fuel and with a fully charged battery, while CO2 emissions are a mere 45g/km.

Part of its efficiency comes from a relatively lightweight 1,600kg kerb weight and regenerative braking, which converts the energy used in slowing the vehicle down into electrical power used to recharge the battery.

Measuring 4.2 metres in length, 1.85 metres wide and 1.41 metres tall, the compact crossover really is compact. Think about as long, slightly taller and narrower than the current TT Coupé.

Three driving modes are available. Hybrid is all about being efficient, Sport gives you full power for the most performance and EV prioritises the rear electric motor, saving you from using any petrol.

Audi has used a mixture of aluminium and carbon fibre for the body, with dark grey rubber used on the lower half of the car, sizable wheels and flared arches to indicate its adventurous, off-road side.

We’ll bring you more details as we get them.

Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept images


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