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Average number of in-car sex romps revealed

The average motorist will have sex three times in their car, according to new research.

But that’s not all, drivers will also make 23 dashes to the hospital, have 114 arguments, break up with their other half once and accumulate £6.16 in change under the seats and in cup holders.

Well.. that's three more times than we've ever had sex in a car.
Well.. that’s three more times than we’ve ever had sex in a car.

The research, carried out by Gumtree Motors, asked 2,000 UK respondents about their experiences in their cars across the average 7-year lifespan of said vehicles.

It’s not just sex, arguments and injuries that define our journeys, we spend plenty of time with the family too. The survey discovered that, on average, drivers make 11 trips to a theme park, 94 visits to relatives, 604 school runs, 5 day trips to the in-laws and tolerate 16 child tantrums.

While all that was happening, drivers endured 118 wrong turns, 336 food stops, 8 trips to the drive-thru, 6 emergency toilet stops, 2 bouts of travel sickness, 36 traffic jams and sang 17,472 songs aloud.

Food-wise, we consumed 70 packets of crisps, 84 cartons of drink, 84 chocolate bars, 84 packets of sweets, 63 homemade sandwiches, 63 fast food meals, 42 ice creams and 5 takeaways.

Do these stats match your habits? Have you had more sex? Let us know in the comments below.  


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