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Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ replica is yours for $1m

Got a spare $1,000,000 lying around? A fully road-legal Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ replica could be yours.

Behold the street-legal version of the Tumbler Batmobile, which comes with an eye-watering price tag of $1,000,000 (£600,000). Batman’s pride and joy seen in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy has been brought to life by designer James Edition – and the best part is you drive it yourself on the road.

The Batmobile comes equipped with gigantic 44-inch tyres and custom rims. It also boasts a stereo with Bluetooth, iPod integration, as well as CD and DVD players so you can pump out the Batman theme tune in full blast as you rumble down your local high street.

Five cameras (yes, five) are there to assist you with parking in the visibility-challenged machine, just in case you still weren’t impressed. After all, your time is better spent fighting crime, not filling out insurance claim forms.

There’s also no forgetting the powerful eight-cylinder engine with rear-wheel drive, so the Batmobile can compare with sporty sensations like the Jaguar F-Type. It is automatic, however, and comes in left-hand drive only.

This isn’t the first time designers have attempted to bring the Batmobile to life. Last year we reported on the £1M Batmobile replica, which was made by the Parker Brothers of Florida for the annual Gumball 3000 in 2013. That particular Batmobile, however, was merely a one-of-a-kind.

The description on the James Edition website reads: “Inspired by the movie Batman Begins, we have built this insane vehicle to be street legal however please understand that this is not a daily driver!”

Five of the James Edition Batmobiles have been made. So you’re free to bag yourself the car you always dreampt of owning as a kid (and secretly still do).

Admittedly the Tumbler replica is a lot of money to spend on a car, especially if you aren’t a genius billionaire like Bruce Wayne. But we doubt many other vehicles will make a quick dash to the shops feel quite as empowering.

What do you make of the Batmobile? Fancy it? Share your thoughts by posting in the commens below. 


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