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BB-gun toting teens call police on themselves after vandalising cars

Five teenagers were arrested for vandalism after a victim scared them into calling the police on themselves.

A group of unruly teens were arrested after they themselves called the police. The five youngsters drove around neighbourhoods shooting at car windows with their BB guns. The victims of their vandalism called the police, who were unable to identify the offenders. That is, until the offenders themselves called in and were subsequently arrested.

Teenagers shot at cars with BB guns to only call police after a victim chased after them
Teenagers shot at cars with BB guns only to call police after a victim chased after them

In a bizarre turn of events, one victim had taken it upon himself to follow the teens after they shot at his car windows and damaged them. Panicking, two of the assailants called 911. The voices of a guy and a girl can be heard on the police recording, sounding fearful. The guy tells the dispatcher, “Every time we speed up, that car speeds up and tries to keep up with us.”

When police made the connection between the vandalism and the call, officers responded. The five teenagers admitted to the incidents of vandalism and were arrested.

The victim, who gave chase, clearly put the fear of God into the mindless youths. Though they were out having what they perceived as ‘fun’, they left a trail of inconvenient and expensive damage in their wake.

Victims were annoyed by the damage, which left small holes and crack marks in the toughened glass of the vehicles’ windscreens and rear windows. One victim commented, “It’s hurtful. I’ve worked so hard to pay off this car and it’s just frustrating that now I have to come up with the money [for repair].”

The damage was estimated to run into thousands of dollars’ worth and victims included a recently bereaved woman and a single mother.


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