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Bentley Continental GT Speed is the fastest Bentley ever

We can count the number of times we’ve seen a Bentley being driven in anger on approximately zero fingers. The owners of these cars prefer to waft along in comfort, giving proles at bus stops plenty of opportunity to see what they could achieve if they stopped being so smelly and unemployed.

The Continental GT Speed lives up to its name. It's the fastest production Bentley in history.
The Continental GT Speed lives up to its name. It’s the fastest production Bentley in history.

That doesn’t stop Bentley from fitting their cars with engines powerful enough to peel the tarmac off a high street, though. Case in point: Its new Continental GT Speed features a monstrous twin turbocharged W12 mill that churns out 625PS and 800Nm of torque, alongside a new close-ratio 8-speed automatic transmission which, together, make it the fastest Bentley in the history of fast Bentleys.

Permanent four-wheel drive helps ensure the 0-60mph sprint takes a mere 4 seconds and it’ll hit 205mph, which is almost disrespectful to super cars including Aston Martin’s new flagship Vanquish.

It’s not content hammering along at ludicrous speeds in a straight line. The new GT Speed has uprated steering and suspension and a lowered ride height for ‘tauter handling and improved agility’. If you’re more bothered by wafting along in comfort, then fret not. The new car features a magnificent interior appointed by luxury coachbuilder Mulliner, so your buttocks are in good hands, so to speak.

“For nearly a decade, the Bentley Continental GT has defined high luxury, high performance grand touring and the unique W12 engine has been so successful that Bentley is now the world’s largest producer of 12-cylinder engines,” commented Bentley Chairman Wolfgang Durheimer. “The new GT Speed with its harder-edged, sportier character reaffirms this pinnacle positioning and continues to broaden the worldwide appeal of the Continental coupe.” You said it, buddy.

You’ll be able to spot the new GT Speed thanks to its dark-tinted matrix front grille and lower air intakes, along with a ‘rifled’ finish to the rear exhausts.

It’ll go on show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 28th June until 1st July, and will be doing unscheduled drivebys of your local bus stop throughout the yearThe fat W12 engine, 8-speed transmission and permanent four-wheel drive allow for breakneck pace.

You wouldn't think it was powerful to look at it, but race this thing at your peril.

Butter wouldn't melt. Tyres might, though.


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