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Bentley Continental GT Speed video review: £206k for 206mph

Rory Reid gets behind the wheel of the fastest Bentley ever, the 206mph Continental GT Speed, in his latest video review.

It may seem odd to pay £1,000 per 1mph, but that’s exactly what the Bentley Continental GT Speed works out at. That is, before you start to factor in the multitude of extras and personalisation options available.

This is a luxury car capable of 206mph, 0-62mph in around four seconds and 0-100mph five seconds later. It’s Bentley’s fastest car and by some margin.

But at no point does the 626hp W12 twin-turbocharged petrol get in the way of making you feel like you’re rolling around in a mobile manor home. It’s still incredibly smooth and beautifully crafted ─ it’s just also happens to be undeniably fast when you want it to be.

Bentley’s all-wheel drive system plays a large role in giving you the confidence to drive it a little harder than your usual luxury cruiser. As for confidence in the looks department, it’s going to turn heads as people try to work out why you get paid quite so much money.

There are faster cars and there are (ever so slightly) more luxurious cars on the market, but few tick both boxes so convincingly. Scrap that. Nothing ticks those boxes so convincingly, which is why we chose the Bentley Continental GT Speed as our Best Performance Car at the Recombu Awards 2015.

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Bentley Continental GT Speed video review


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