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Video: BMW 2 Series M235i review shows it’s worthy of an M badge

BMW has made a 2 series. But is it enough to please hardcore M fans? Continue reading our full review to find out.

BMW’s new 2 series, the M235i, seems to sit in between standard BMWs and M models. But is it enough to please hardcore M fans? After test driving the M235i, the answer we give to that question is a big fat YES!

With 3.0 litres, 321bhp, and the power to go 0-62 in 4.8 seconds, the M235i well and truly deserves the M badge. It has straight-six petrol engine with a turbo-charger fitted, which screams an incredible noise that stays with you. The M235i comes with the option of a six-speed automatic gearbox, which means you can drive the car in automatic or manually, using the stick on your sensor console. This gives you a bit of freedom to really play with the car, but if you do go a little crazy with the gears, the M235i will step in and snatch control. 

Another highlight of the M235i is the tyres. When they’re cold, you can lose a lot of grip which will make you swerve all over the place. But after a few minutes of getting some heat into them, the grip is on-point. Another thing you need to know about the M235i is its limited slip differential. This is a device which mechanically distributes torque to the wheel with most grip accordingly. This allows for a sharper and harder performance, as it overall improves the handling and grip of the car.

As for the size, the M235i feels a lot like an old 3 series, which is a good thing. It feels compact, the driving position is perfect, and you really do feel a part of the car. It’s a real drivers car, and with its price of £34,250, it truly is value for money. Because even though the M235i is capable to do all the sporty lunatic stuff, you can still drive sensible in it. That’s exactly why the M235i is worthy of the M badge.

What do you think? See yourself driving in the M235i? Leave us your thoughts by hitting up the comment section below.



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