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BMW Concept M4 GTS wants to wear the M3 CSL like a hat

BMW is teasing us with images of the Concept M4 GTS, a ‘high-performance’ version of the M4 that will follow in the footsteps of special models like the legendary M3 CSL.

To quote BMW, the Concept M4 GTS ‘showcases new technologies destined to make their series production debut in a new model to be unveiled at a later date’. Yes, you will be able to buy an M4 on steroids in early 2016 if reports are to be believed.

No doubt the production car will be toned down, which is a shame when the Concept M4 GTS is so unashamedly macho. From its manually adjustable exposed carbon front splitter and rear wing to its carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic bonnet and wide front air intake, this is no shopping wagon.

The Concept M4 GTS is powered by the M4’s 3.0-litre six-cylinder with a water injection system borrowed from the M4 MotoGP Safety Car to cool the intake air. The colder temperatures allow the boost pressure to be increased, injection timing made earlier and knocking is reduced. In short, more torque and horsepower is generated.

Exactly how much power is yet to be officially announced, but M Division engineers claim an 8 per cent increase, meaning 425bhp becomes 460bhp and torque is said to increase by the same amount. Considering the standard M4 can hit 0-62mph in around 4 seconds, the GTS will be painfully fast.

Lightweight, forged and polished alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres can be found at each corner of the body – 20-inchers at the back and 19s at the front. The exterior paintjob is called Frozen Dark Grey Metallic and looks suitably menacing, with Acid Orange providing a bit of contrast.

Another unique extra to the Concept M4 GTS are the OLED rear lights. The organic light-emitting diodes are more efficient when it comes to illumination and with an installation height of just 1.4mm they allow for more creative scope in their design.

BMW M Division president Frank van Meel said: “While the BMW M4 Coupe embodies the ideal combination of motor sport genes and unrestricted everyday usability, the BMW Concept M4 GTS previews an emotionally powerful and exclusive special model conceived with an eye for trailblazing technology and a keen focus on the race track.”

He added: “Despite its outstanding track ability, it is still fully road-legal. This is racing technology for the road in the truest sense.”

The first special model M car was the M3 Evolution from 1998. Most recently, we had the M3 CRT in 2011 and just before that the M3 GTS in 2010.

BMW debuted the Concept M4 GTS at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California of the US.

BMW Concept M4 GTS pictures


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