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BMW M4 unleashed on an aircraft carrier

BMW M4 hooning around a race track on the back of an aircraft carrier ─ what’s not to like?

BMW must really want us to notice the new M4 because it has released a video of the new turbocharged beast lapping it up on a track atop an aircraft carrier. Why? Just because.

BMW Canada is responsible for the short video, which is entitled BMW M4 ─ “Ultimate Racetrack”. It shows the ‘Austin Yellow’ M4 skidding dangerously close to the edge of the USC John C carrier, which measures 244-ft in height from the keel to mast. That’s roughly equal to a 24-storey building.

The lack of a commentary or even titles suggests this video cares first and foremost about showing you what the new M4 can do in style. Who needs a corny voiceover when you have that 3.0-litre M TwinPower Turbo delivering a tyre-shredding 431hp and 550Nm of torque?

Obviously you don’t need a reason to watch the height of German engineering speed along a 1,040-ft long flight deck usually reserved for high-speed jet fighters.

Wait, you do? Check out our BMW M4 Coupé review before working out how you can save up the starting price of £56,175. Or take a glance at Alpina’s rather lovely interpretation instead.

BMW M4 – “Ultimate Racetrack” video


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