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BMW M760Li xDrive: 6.6 litres of luxury V12 absurdity

The new BMW M760Li xDrive has arrived. Here is what you need to know about the V12 luxury car, including performance figures, UK specs, fuel consumption, optional extras and infotainment details.

For getting around in comfort, the latest 7 Series is hard to fault. We loved the thing, especially in its hybrid form. But what if you want to get from A to B in total luxury while leaving a trail of burning rubber? The flagship M760Li xDrive is the car for you – here is everything we know so far.

1) You get a V12!

V12 engines are a rarity these days, which makes the M760Li xDrive’s 6.6-litre offering all the more desirable. The TwinPower Turbo lump generates 610hp at 5,500rpm, making it more powerful a fair few supercars, while peak torque is an equally staggering 590lb/ft (800Nm) from just 1,550rpm. Easily enough power to move all of that sumptuous leather, then.

2) Launch control helps make it very, very fast

As you would expect, the all-wheel drive M760Li xDrive is no slouch. 0-62mph takes 3.7 seconds if you use the Launch Control system – seven-tenths slower than a Ferrari 488 GTB. Keep the accelerator buried and a restricted top speed of 155mph arrives not that much later. The eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, meanwhile, ensures swift and smooth gear changes.

3) M Driver’s package makes it even faster

Just in case 155mph is a bit slow for you, it is possible to spec the M Driver’s package, which removes the restriction and puts in another, this time at 189mph. We would assume the M760Li could go even faster, but then too fast and your passengers would spill their champagne all over the fine Nappa leather upholstery.

4) Mmmm M-specific extras

The M760Li xDrive is not a proper ‘M7’, like the M140i is not a proper M1, but then the amount of M extras you get suggest otherwise. Exclusive 20-inch 760M alloys in matt grey, an M aerodynamic package, M leather steering wheel, 19-inch M Sport brakes with blue metallic brake caliper, M badging and M exhaust – there is plenty that separates the fastest version of the 7 Series from its V12-less siblings. 

5) BMW Excellence option makes it more stealthy

You may, of course, want to keep the fact you have a ridiculously powerful V12 quiet(-ish), which is where the BMW Excellence option comes in. It costs absolutely nothing, mainly because it actually removes the likes of the aforementioned M Aerodynamic package for a more refined look albeit with added chrome shininess. The brake calipers are painted black, while the inside of the car benefits from a touch of wood on the steering wheel and V12 lettering on the instrument cluster. It also gets a ‘comfort-biased’ exhaust system that is a bit more pipe and slippers.

6) Gesture control is now a part of iDrive

In addition to the standard iDrive controller, which is a doddle to use, the M760Li xDrive’s infotainment system gets a touch display so you can use it like you would a smartphone, or you can wave your arms around in a certain way to control certain elements of the car. Volume control and accepting or rejecting a phone call are among the gesture-controlled functions you can setup. Or you can sit in the back and let your chauffeur do all the hard work.

7) It can drive itself (some of the time)

At this price point, it is fair to expect a lot of safety equipment and the M760Li xDrive fails to disappoint. Its Driving Assistant Plus can control the steering to keep you in lane, while Traffic jam assistant saves you from braking and accelerating in slow-moving traffic. It also comes with Active Cruise Control that can factor in speed limits. As for parking, that should easier because of the latest version of the Surround View system that now includes 3D and panorama views.

8) It cares about the environment (sort of)

Let’s be honest, a hullking-great V12 is a bad choice for having good eco-friendly intentions. But then BMW claims the M760Li xDrive can manage up to 22.1mpg combined, which means it is less thirsty than you might expect. With that said, the 294g/km of CO2 will burn a nice hole in the ozone wherever it goes while harming everyone’s lungs in the nearby vicinity. In addition, after April 2017 it will cost an extra £310 a year to tax.

9) You won’t see many about

BMW expects to sell a mere 100 cars on UK soil, which means M760Li xDrive sightings will be few and far between. That is just five per cent of the intended sales total, in case you were wondering.

10) It costs serious amounts of cash

A potent mixture of supercar performance, limousine luxury and V12 motoring was never going to come cheap, was it? In fact, the £132,310 M760Li xDrive is on a par with the Audi R8 V10 Plus and a fully decked-out Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode. A direct rival is the Mercedes-AMG S63.


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