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Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe: Meet the 897bhp Mercedes-AMG S 65

Brabus has unveiled one of the fastest and most powerful 2+2 coupes in the world, the Rocket 900 Coupe.

The Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe is based on the Mercedes-AMG S65 and gets its name from having 900hp (897bhp) – power developed by some serious adjustments to the already monstrous 6.0-litre V12 engine.

Increasing the displacement of the 6.0-litre V12 to 6.3-litres, bored out cylinders with matching forged pistons and two Brabus-built larger turbochargers play a role in the increased power output.

It also features a Brabus high-performance exhaust with butterfly valves, which allow the driver to adjust the volume of its thunderous engine note using a button on the steering wheel, and custom tailpipes in a black satin finish.

Then there is a specially designed intake module that pulls in air directly from the radiator grille via an air duct in the hood, gold heat reflection on the pressure pipes and two special air filters with larger intakes to cool the beast.

All of that effort allows the Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe to go from 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds, 0-124mph in 9.1 seconds and up to 217mph. This is no ordinary 2+2 seater, make no mistake.

Torque is electronically limited to 1,200Nm / 884lb/ft (more than a Bugatti Chiron, believe it or not) from 4,200rpm to keep bits from falling apart under the strain, with the true output rated at 1,500Nm (1,106lb/ft).

It is the job of 21 or 22-inch Monoblock forged alloy wheels wrapped in either Continental, Pirelli or Yokohama tyres, 255/35 ZR on the back and 295/30 ZR on the rear, and a seven-speed automatic to tame more than twice the horsepower of a BMW M4.

In case the sound of the engine doesn’t alert other road users how extreme this car is, Brabus has added carbon attachments for the side air outlets in the rear bumper, covered the door mirrors in carbon, lowered the ride height by 15mm and given it a custom black paintjob.

No stone has been left unturned for the interior, either. Light brown and magnolia Brabus leather with beige topstitching, umbra-coloured wood inlays and aluminium paddle shifters, pedals and door pins finish off a very sporty and luxurious cabin.

You can buy the Brabus 900 Rocket Coupe outright, or give the tuning company your Mercedes-AMG S 65 they will do all the work while you stock up on spare underpants. We are waiting on official pricing, stay tuned.

Brabus 900 Rocket Coupe pictures


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