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Can you guess the most popular name for a Mini?

The world’s first ever Mini Census has revealed the names owners like to call their bug-eyed motors – and some of them are far less obvious than you may think.

The Mini Census, carried out by organisers of Mini World Live, revealed the most popular name for a Mini was Marvin, followed by Tommy (Cooper) and Jack.

Dave, Stuart and Bob were among other names favoured by enthusiasts of the British classic and the more recent German interpretation, thanks to the popularity of Minions – The Movie.

51 per cent of the world’s Mini population were male, the results revealed, with 35 per cent female and 14 per cent genderless. Popular names for female Minis included Minnie (obviously), Mollie and Millie.

There were a fair few more interesting names in the Census of 579 owners, including Pingu (a white Mini with a black roof), Tetley (because he has more holes than a tea bag) and Mojo Jojo (named after the evil monkey in The Powerpuff Girls).

One owner went with ‘Leigh Halfpenny’ after the Welsh rugby international player because ‘he’s smallish, gorgeous and powerful’.

17-year-old Luke from Auckland in New Zealand was the youngest respondent and is the owner of a Mini named Sheldon, a nod to Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. The oldest was 80-year-old John from Bangor in North Wales, who named his Mini ‘Mavis’ after his late wife.

“Mini owners have a real sense of community, and their cars are just as much a part of that community as they are,” Mini World Live event manager Katherine Chappell said.

Minis, both old and new, are the most celebrated and characterful cars in the world, and with Mini World Live we want to celebrate that character,” she added.

The Mini Show debuted in 2015 and is backed by three major Mini magazines. The 2016 event is on the 10th of July at Rockingham Motor Speedway in Northants. Tickets are available online.

Video: Mini World Live 2015


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