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Citroen Cactus M concept: The ultimate beach machine?

Citroen has let details out of the bag for its latest concept, the Cactus M, ahead of its big unveiling at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Citroen Cactus M builds on the production C4 Cactus and the Aircross seen at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, with inspiration from the 1968 Mehari thrown in for good measure.

It sticks to the usual crossover blend of sports utility vehicle, off-roader and urban runaround but ditches the roof so occupants are more connected to their surroundings.

An upright windscreen, raised body, plastic doors and large wheels are said to emphasise its focus on leisure while allowing it to conquer more difficult terrain such as the beach. There are no rear doors, instead access to the back seats is achieved by climbing up some steps. Surfboards and wakeboards can be loaded using a lashing system or stowed in the boot.

Cleverly, it is possible to turn the back of the car into a sleeping area, with the roof doubling up as a tent once inflated so occupants can either sleep undercover or looking at the stars.

The Cactus M concept’s go anywhere theme continues in the form of seats upholstered in waterproof and salt-resistant neoprene fabric so the heavens can do their worst. Drainage outlets in the footwell, meanwhile, make it possible to wash out sand or other unwanted debris with a hose.

Rather than your typical interior, the Cactus M upholstery and dashboard trim is said to resemble wetsuits for a more playful look and allows the seats to dry out more quickly. Completing the concept is the hard-to-miss Hawaii Blue paintjob.

Backing up its off-road credentials are Bridgestone Tall & Narrow tyres and Citroen’s Grip Control, which optimises traction as you drive along or you can select from normal, all-terrain, snow or sand using a selector to the left of the steering wheel.

Power is sent to the wheels by a PureTech 110 S&S engine with a six-speed automatic. Fuel economy and CO2 emissions are an impressive 58.9mpg and 110g/km, respectively.

It is unclear whether Citroen would actually make a vehicle like this, but we can only hope because it seems like the ultimate beach day companion. Plus the C4 Cactus is a pretty whacky vehicle in its own right, owing to the love or hate airbumps on the side.

Citroen’s other half, Peugeot, has also been busy working on a concept known as the Fractal. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Citroen Cactus M concept pictures


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