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Citroen reveals DS3 Cabrio pictures and details

Citroen has taken a tin opener to the roof of the DS3 to create the first DS3 Cabrio. The car will go on show at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in September.

Little has changed between the new Cabrio and the current DS3 besides the retractable roof. It’s exactly the same size and still as aesthetically-customisable as ever, thanks to six trim options designed to complement seven different exterior paint jobs and five types of upholstery. Even the reverse shark fin on the middle pillar and that distinctive front-end have been left untouched, which is good news as it’s a great-looking hatchback.

In accommodating the roof mechanism, which allows the fabric roof to be opened and closed at up to speeds of 75mph, the DS3 has gained 25kg in weight. Citroen promises sound-proofing ‘comparable to that of a hatchback’ with the roof closed and, when opened, an aerodynamic deflector stops people in the back from being blasted with wind. Opening and closing the roof sixteen seconds.

Whoever is in control of the mechanism can choose from three settings: intermediate, horizontal and total, the latter of which folds the fabric neatly at the back of the car, resulting in what looks like a sort of fabric spoiler. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

Citroen has also blessed the back of the car with refined LED rear lights previously seen on the Revolte and Survolt concept cars. 31 LEDs and semi-reflecting mirrors arranged in rectangular fashion should provide more light when braking and at night, but the unit itself is the same shape.

Even with a new roof, the cabin space and luggage capacity remain the same so you won’t have to downsize your weekly shop any more than you’d have to with a standard DS triple.

Like the current DS3 models, a choice of engines are available depending on budget and your level of eco-guilt. These range from a 1.4 petrol found in the VTi 95 model up to the 1.6-litre THP 207, which develops 204 horsepower. A number of diesels will also be available.

Production of the DS3 Cabrio will begin in early 2013 for an as yet undisclosed price.


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