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Council paints 46cm stretch of double yellow lines

A local council has painted what is one of the shortest stretches of double yellow lines in the country.

Leicestershire City Council recently repainted the double-yellows, which measure just 46cm (19 inches) in length, on Chatham Road.

While it may seem like a stupid move, given that even the smallest car would struggle to park within the gap, it was thankfully a cheap job, costing just £1 to paint.

The double yellow lines are actually there to help drivers differentiate between a disabled parking bay and a regular one, but local residents have questioned the need for them.

Matthew Taylor told ITV news: “They’re pretty tiny, aren’t they? You’ve got to be pretty careless to have a wheel on them and get a ticket.”

A spokesman for Leicestershire City Council defended the move: “We no longer use markings in this way, but as this one was already there, it was repainted as part of a wider programme of yellow line-painting.”

Amazingly, Leicester loses out to Humberstone Road in Cambridge, where a 33cm stretch of double-yellows can be found between two disabled spaces.

Meanwhile central London is home to the shortest stretch in England, measuring just 13cm (9 inches) – about the size of the standard iPad.

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