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Documentary shows disadvantaged youths learning to rebuild motorcycles

Not everyone gets the same start in life. So it’s good to know there are organisations out there trying to even things out a bit – one of which is the star of a five-minute YouTube documentary.

The short documentary shows a group of troubled youths from the US city of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin partaking in an annual competition known as ‘Build Moto’. The youths are mentored by a group named The Running Rebels of Milwaukee who school them in the art of rebuilding motorcycles.

Build Moto gives each team of novices a mere 100 days to rebuild a vintage motorbike from scratch, and following this all of the squads go on to compete in a variety of challenges. Each team is supervised by motorbike enthusiasts and volunteers.

It’s hoped that giving the participants ‘improved business and interpersonal skills’ will set the youths on a positive trajectory and away from the iron grip of gangs and substance abuse.

The non-profit organisation, which runs the course, was founded by The Iron Horse hotel in 2011.

The video –produced by local filmmaker Jack Turner – manages to cram 100 days worth of filming into a short but sweet five minute documentary. Check out the video below and visit the Dear MKE website for more from the area.


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