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Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS is a Caterham on steroids

Donkervoort is back and ready to take on the likes of Lotus, Caterham and Radical with the D8 GTO-RS, a reworked version of the D8 GTO.

Donkervoort says it has ‘completely redesigned’ the D8 GTO, giving it a new look and larger size. A new front and rear end play a role in the RS Edition’s more extreme look.

The differences are more than just skin deep though, as the new R8 GTO-RS has a new suspension setup, which gives it a wider track and improved grip at the front end, and a new brake setup for slowing it down more efficiently.

Its maker claims it will be the ‘ultimate’ D8 GTO and its Audi-sourced 2.5-litre R5 TFSI plays a significant role in making the claim come true. With the help of Bosch, the engine is said to offer ‘even more acceleration power and driving comfort’.

There are no performance figures to go on just yet, but this is a more extreme version of a car that develops up to 380 horsepower and smashes 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds so it will be no slouch. Yet it’s Euro 6-compliant and totally road legal, like its predecessor.

Other race-inspired features include launch control for pulling away off the line as fast as possible, a double-clutch function and improved aerodynamics.

Inside is the usual made-to-measure interior, except in the D8 GTO-RS benefits from a more stylish design and higher quality materials including a carbon fibre tunnel section.

You may not be familiar with the oddly-named company, but you probably should be. Back in 2004, the D8 RS obliterated the Porsche Carrera GT’s Nurburgring lap time by nearly 15 seconds and it set another lap record in 2006, cementing the company’s infamy.

As the D8 RS’s spiritual successor, no doubt it will be aiming for a very fast time around the infamous ‘Green Hell’. In fact, a Donkervoort statement from earlier in the year said: “The legendary RS is back! And its ambitions are just as great as those of its predecessor. What do these ambitions involve? We will leave that up to you and your own imagination…”

Success is less assured though, because a lot has happened since 2006. The Radical SR8 LM managed a lap of 6:48, making it the fastest production car on the planet around the circuit, followed by the Porsche 918 Spyder’s time of 6:57.

There’s also the fact the Nurburgring’s temporary speed restrictions have been lifted, which means Koenigsegg will be back ─ and the One:1 can only be frighteningly quick.

Just 40 D8 GTO-RS cars will be built as part of a limited edition run, each one costing €151,173 (around £119,653) before taxes. 21 have already been allocated so strike quickly.

Donkervoort is based in Lelystad in the Netherlands and was founded by Joop Donkervoort in 1978.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS pictures


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