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Driving under the influence deemed more dangerous than using a mobile

A survey of the most dangerous driving offences has highlighted a worrying trend, that drivers still think using a mobile while at the wheel is not especially dangerous.

The results of a survey by car warranty firm Warrantywise asked motorists what they deemed the most dangerous driving offence. At the top was driving under influence, with 67 per cent of the votes.

Next up was ignoring traffic lights, with 10 per cent. Only in third place – with 9 per cent of votes – do we get to mobile devices, closely followed by 5 per cent who believed driving too fast is the most dangerous thing a driver can do.

Smoking/eating, driving too slowly and dangerous overtaking rounded out the bottom of the results, scoring a mere two per cent of the votes each.

“We are always interested to hear the views of motorists, but we are surprised that so few see the use of mobile phones while driving a serious problem,” Warrantywise marketing manager Richard Hodges commented.

It is no surprise drugs and alcohol use while driving ranks at the top, but is it seven times more dangerous than being on the blower in a car? One survey would suggest it is, in fact, less dangerous.

Also of interest is the low score for driving too fast. 400 people die every year from speeding ─ 100 more than those are killed while driving under the influence. As for ignoring traffic lights, do people really do that (excluding emergency vehicles)?

The government has announced aggressive strategies to combat the 500 people killed or seriously injured every year in the UK, including doubling the number of penalty points awarded to those caught red-handed and the confiscation of a mobile device after a road accident.

Currently police can slap mobile phone offenders with a £100 fine and three penalty points. 12 points are all it takes for a driving ban.


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