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Essex police blasted for playing rap music over police car PA system

Two Chelmsford police officers have been reprimanded for blasting rap lyrics through the speaker system of their patrol car. 

The officers cheekily blasted KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police” through their patrol car’s tanoy system, much to the amusement of onlookers one Friday night in the city centre. The impromptu display of humour was captured on film and posted to YouTube, where the reaction has been mainly positive. However, a senior officer has reprimanded both officers for ‘inappropriate use of the patrol car’s PA system’.

Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston said that questions over the incident had ‘caught him on the hip hop.’  Alston said while it was good for people to have a sense of humour, the final decision over the consequences of such actions lay with the Chief Constable.

YouTube comments praise the officers for a great, albeit unintended, PR exercise making the members of the police force seem a little more human. Some have called, in a rather tongue-in-cheek fashion, for the officers to be promoted.

There’s no doubting our bobbies like to have a laugh occasionally. Last year’s Carnival goers applauded this copper’s dancing efforts and Olympics crowds cheered for this biking bobby.

And what’s a little rap music, in comparison to this effort (below) from Russian cops? In celebrating a colleague’s promotion, the officers got drunk on vodka, stripped half-naked and used a patrol car’s siren and lights to create a disco effect. That is a very different sound of the police.


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