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F1 engine dispenses coffee in V8 and V12 flavours

Check out the Espresso Veloce — a coffee machine shaped like an F1 V8 or V12 engine.

Coffee machines dispense tasty anti-sleep goodness in a variety of formats, but what if you want something that satisfies your inner petrolhead? Well there’s nothing on the market that says ‘petrolhead’ quite like an Espresso Veloce.

This beautiful coffee machine is comprised of more than 90 hand-machined high-grade aerospace alloy components lovingly assembled into the shape of either a V8 or V12 Formula One engine, with coffee poured into your mug through titanium exhaust pipes that have been handcrafted using tungsten and argon welding techniques and are ball-polished for 18 hours. Crikey.

On the inside a vibrating pump and an internal tank takes care of heating the water, while a volumetric control creates the optimum 22 bar pressure needed to make your coffee taste like liquid gold. All you have to do is insert a Nespresso capsule and wait patiently.

Further playing to your petrolhead ways is the option of espresso cups that look like intake trumpets or racing pistons. Let’s face it, a 35p Ikea mug would look a bit out of place.

Each Espresso Veloce machine, built to tolerances within a tenth of a millimetre, is given a unique ‘Arte Meccanica’ plaque with an individual number and creator Paolo Mastrogiuseppe sticks his signature on the authenticity certificate.

Delivery takes 7 to 10 days so it could arrive just in time for Christmas day assuming, of course, you can afford to buy one. The Espresso Veloce Serie Carbonio V8 coffee machine will set you back £8,699, while the Serie Titanio V12 version an additional £300.

You’ve really got to love coffee, F1 engines or both, then.

Head on over to Gearbox Gifts if the Espresso Veloce floats your boat or just drool over the pictures below.

Espresso Veloce Serie Carbonio V8 coffee machine pictures


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