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Ferrari ‘F150’ Enzo replacement teaser pictures emerge

What you’re looking at here are the first official pictures of Ferrari’s next hypercar. The images aren’t exactly clear, but they’re revealing enough to give us an idea of how it’ll look from the front and the back. In the dark. From a distance. Lean it, smear your eyeballs across them and let it all sink in.

Ferrari's forthcoming flagship hypercar will look a bit like this.
Ferrari’s forthcoming flagship hypercar will look a bit like this.

The car, known internally by the codename F150, doesn’t have a proper name as yet. Until Ferrari sees fit to reveal its nameplate, we’re calling it the Ferrari Enzo replacement or ‘the next mental Ferrari’. Equally, though, if you hear us make that noise Homer makes when he sees a donut, this is probably what we’re on about.

The pictures don’t reveal an awful lot of information, but they do tease the car’s double-bubble roof, a smiling, shark-like front end (complete with beady-eyed headlights) and a bonnet with creases that mimic the shape of an F1 car’s nose cone.

The rear offers a further nod and a wink to Formula 1 with its inclusion of what looks like a central exhaust outlet that resembles an F1 car’s rain light.

It is expected the Enzo replacement, or the ‘gnuuuuuurrrgh’ as a certain custard-coloured buffoon might call it, will use a 7.3-litre V12 engine mated to an electric motor that, between them, produce more than 900bhp. That should be good for a 0-60mph time of 2.something seconds and a top speed approaching 230mph.

Looks great so far, we think you’ll agree. If you don’t, slap yourself in the face and tell us why in the comments below.

Via: Autoblog


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