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Fiat 500L features Lavazza coffee machine, Beats by Dre audio

The large version of the Fiat 500, cunningly titled the Fiat 500 L, is upon us. The supermini-inspired mini MPV will go on sale at the end of the first quarter of 2013 – that’s summer for those of you that don’t speak ‘corporate’.

The 500 L’s biggest selling point may be its styling, size and association with the wildly popular Fiat 500, but Fiat has crammed in plenty of unique features that should help it carve its own niche. For example it’s the first car we’ve seen that comes with its own Lavazza coffee maker build into it and it’ll come with a Beats by Dre audio system.

Once you’re tanked up on caffeine and crunking to gangsta rap, you’ll want to try out one of the 1,500 configurations of interior space. There are 22 compartments of different sizes scattered around the cabin, providing plenty of choice when stashing loose change, gadgets or baby paraphernalia.

The car also makes use of a clever Fold&Tumble system that allows you to fold the passenger seat and rear seatbacks forward to accommodate objects as long as 2.4 metres, or to fold the rear seat backs forward and the seat bottoms down to provide more luggage space.

Boot space is impressive. Whereas the standard Fiat 500’s boot is laughably small, the Fiat 500 L’s is capacious at 400 litres. What’s more, Fiat’s cargo magic space design allows the boot to be split into distinct sections.

The Fiat 500L will come in three trim levels, Pop Star, Easy and Lounge, as well as four engine options. These include petrols in the form of the1.4-litre Fire and 875cc TwinAir Turbo, and two diesels – a 1.3-litre and 1.6-litre MultiJet 2.

The Pop Star and Easy models both have a starting price of £14,990. The top of the range Lounge model adds £1,400 to that price but has £2,000 worth of extra equipment. The 105hp TwinAir engine will set you back an additional £1,500, and the 1.6-litre MultiJet diesel costs a further £1,000.

Head along to your local Fiat dealer for more information and keep your eyes peeled for a full review in the very near future. If the Fiat 500 L doesn’t take your fancy, then keep your eyes open for the larger Fiat 500 X, which is scheduled to arrive in 2014.




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