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Ford Focus RS Edition adds Quaife LSD traction booster

A more extreme version of Ford’s all-wheel drive hot hatchback missile has arrived and is called the Focus RS Edition, which comes with a Quaife limited-slip differential.

The Ford Focus RS is hardly incapable of blitzing through the countryside, but for those who felt it could do better we introduce the even more capable Focus RS Edition.

There is no power boost here. Instead, Ford engineers have complimented the GKN Twinster torque vectoring system at the rear with a Quaife limited-slip differential for the front axle.

Ford’s logic is simple. By introducing a mechanical limited-slip differential, the Focus RS can redistribute torque away from the wheel with less traction to the one with more, counteracting wheelspin and making the car more stable and faster through a corner and out of it.

You still get the same 345bhp 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine, which can manage 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds and 167mph, as well as the same Drift Mode and the same somewhat dated interior.

But those with a keen eye will, however, spot a few unique revisions such as a matte black roof, mirror caps and rear roof spoiler with the blue ‘RS’ logo as well as some carbon fibre trim and two-tone Recaro shell seats.

Other standard equipment on the Focus RS Edition includes 19-inch black alloys, Brembo four-piston calipers in RS Blue, rear parking sensors, privacy glass, heated steering wheel, Active City Stop, cruise control and Ford’s KeyFree system.

“For hardcore driving enthusiasts, the additional mechanical grip offered by the Quaife LSD will make it even easier to carry speed through a corner on the track, and maximise acceleration on the way out,” said Ford Performance director of Europe, Leo Roeks.

He added: “The new setup also delivers greater mechanical stability and control when braking hard, and will help drivers set the car up for power-slides using Drift Mode. The Focus RS Edition takes our ‘fun to drive’ philosophy to a new level for an everyday road car.”

One initial report of the Focus RS Edition suggests the addition of a limited-slip differential hinders drifting performance (which would make sense), but then we have always found it’s a car that feels most exciting without oversteer.

The Ford Focus RS Edition is available to order right this second so get on the website or blower to a Ford dealership if you want in. Prices start from £35,795, making it £3,530 more than the standard Focus RS.

Should you wish for even more performance, there is always the option of tuning from Mountune. The FPM375 kit increases power to 370bhp, knocks around two-tenths of the 0-62mph and is covered by Ford’s warranty. Yours for £899, folks.

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