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Funniest car stories of 2015

Another year, another collection of crazy, utterly stupid and ridiculous car-related stories. Ben Griffin rounds up the best of 2015.

Tired of mince pies and had enough Christmas turkey to sink a battleship? Well sneak away from the tiresome in-laws, lock yourself in the toilet and browse our selection of the funnest car-related stories of 2015.

Drink-driver tries to hide from police in nativity scene

There’s nothing like a festive story to warm our hearts, except in this case it involves a drink-driver who tried to evade the police. But rather than run as fast as possible, the suspect thought it would be a good idea to hide in some hay in a nativity scene. Suffice to say, it wasn’t the wisest move and police got their man.

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Man banned from all 7,111 petrol stations in England and Wales

While there’s nothing funny about stealing fuel from a petrol station, one judge obviously thought it would be funny to punish 60-year-old Paul Fagg in a rather unusual way. Rather than ban him from driving for his liquid gold thefts, Judge Adele Williams simply banned him from every fuel vendor in England and Wales. Talk about inconvenient.

Couple asks Lewis Hamilton to take photo… of them

Lewis Hamilton is kind of a big deal, especially now he is the 2015 Formula One world champion. But that didn’t stop one couple from asking him to take a photo — not of the superstar F1 driver but of their own family. Luckily Hamilton was happy to help out, unphased by the fact they were oblivious to his fame.

‘Pastafarian’ accuses DVLA of discrimination after it rejects colander headgear photo

The DVLA has some very specific rules you need to adhere to when submitting a photo for your license. Not even smiling is allowed. So being allowed to use a picture of yourself wearing a colander because it’s a part of your religion — in this case pastafarianism — was never going to happen. But 51-year-old Ian Harris tried and failed three times before pulling the ‘discrimination’ card.

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Angry Wife lands husband with £51,000 in driving fines

Revenge is a dish best served cold, so they say, which would explain why a wife decided to really kick her husband where it hurts by ringing up £51,000 in fines. How? By driving through a red light then reversing to do it again. And again. And again. Sadly for the wife, it was easy for police to ascertain the husband wasn’t in the car at the time.

Truck driver buries police officer in gravel while trying to escape

Another example of a suspect trying to evade police. This time it involved letting out all of the gravel of an overladen truck on top of a police officer, burying him up to his waist. With the moment caught on camera, it took little effort for police to catch up with the man.

Watch someone crash a million pound Ferrari LaFerrari

Treading carefully between funny and downright painful viewing was video footage of a man who, for some reason, thought it would be clever to unleash all 963bhp of the Ferrari LaFerrari on a public road. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well. 

Man blocks in trespassing travellers with digger after they demand £8,000 to leave

When Jonathan Williams-Ellis found his land had been invaded by travellers who demanded a sizable ransom, no one would have blamed him for paying up. Instead, he decided to block them in with a mechanical digger knowing the court fees to remove them would have cost nearly as much as the ransom. 48 hours later and the travellers left defeated. 

Man narrowly escapes injury in selfie video stick fail

Selfie sticks are miserable devices, so there’s nothing quite like a video showing an epic fail involving anybody using one. Although somewhat contrived, the video shows Alex Lopatnyuk filming himself driving with a jeep carrying a canoe in front. Too busy basking in his own self-image, Lopatnyuk quickly ended up on the receiving end of a crash and the internet laughed in unison.

Man caught driving at 145mph with a dog on his lap jailed

We’re guessing 45-year-old Alan Richardson wasn’t laughing when he was handed a 14-month jail sentence and banned for driving for five years, but the fact he was caught at 145mph with his Tibetan terrier on his lap at the time was pretty funny. Luckily no one was injured.

Elderly man carries on smoking his pipe after driving into a lake

If we had an award for the coolest man of 2015, we would have to give it to the bloke who accidentally drove into a lake and remained so calm he carried on smoking his pipe. Zero f**** given.

This Porsche 918 Spyder crash video will make you wince

What better way to end our funniest story round-up than with another slice of hypercar fail caught on camera and published for the world to see? This time, it’s the turn of the Porsche 918 Spyder, which was driven by a shirtless man into a kerb. The damage is painful but the damage to his ego and lack of car control makes it comedy gold.


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