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GM to introduce wireless phone charging to 2014 cars

Charging your phone in your car is a pain in the backside, and nothing makes your car interior look grubbier than USB cables dangling everywhere. Luckily for neat freaks, General Motors will shortly begin integrating wireless charging technology in its cars as of 2014.

The GM system will, according to Bloomberg, use Powermat Technologies’ wireless charging solution, which makes sense as GM is one of the company’s investors. That system uses the principles of magnetic induction to wirelessly transmit electrical current to compatible devices – a bit like a cordless toothbrush does.

GM has yet to confirm which of its brands will feature Powermat technology, but it has plenty of choice – the company owns a number of car brands, not least Vauxhall, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.

“We continue to work with Powermat to bring their technologies to GM products,” Dan Flores, a GM spokesman, told Bloomberg. “But for competitive reasons we’re not discussing specifics at this time. The technology continues to move forward.”

How do you feel about wireless phone charging in cars? Would you pay extra for such a feature? Are you worried your phone will fly off the charging pad when you go around a corner? Will it make driving safer? Do you prefer the traditional wired approach?

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