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Government officials considering road safety star ratings

British roads may be given star ratings in order to help combat motor accident blackspots, as part of new plans laid out by the government.

MPs have spoken with various motoring groups and local councils about the possibility of a five-star rating scheme and so far the general feed back has been positive, according to a report in the Telegraph.

EuroRAP already grades the safety of transports links across Europe. It recently conducted a report in collaboration with the Road Safety Foundation (RSF) charity, which listed the 10 most dangerous roads in the UK.

Any new rating system is expected to make use of said findings, allowing motorists to find out how dangerous a road is before driving on it. It is hoped that highlighting local authorities with the poorest crash statistics will force them to take action. Road safety ratings also could be introduced into sat-navs.

Robert Goodwill, the UK’s road’s minister, is keen on the idea. The AA also supports the new proposals, explaining that an official star rating system would help drivers acknowledge the dangers associated with certain roads, allowing them to plan their journeys around these risks.

Mr Goodwill hopes the government will also consider iRap, a similar system to EuroRAP that monitors road safety in developing countries.

Earlier in the week when the RSF and EuroRAP announced their results for 2014, Mr Goodwill said: “I recognise the positive impact star rating systems have had on the safety of vehicles and roads around the world.

“I am therefore keen to work with the Highways Agency and local authorities to consider the merits of adopting a similar star rating for UK roads. Such a system could help simplify future road safety policy.”

UK road accidents are said to cost the economy £15 billion a year.

The number of road deaths in England and Wales has dropped by 41 per cent over the last 50 years, according to a recent study.

Would you like to know how safe a road really is or is this a step too far?


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