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Hornster bicycle horn is louder than Concorde

We’ve great news for any cyclists tired of being bullied by other road users. The Environmental Transport Association has created a cycle horn that is louder than Concorde.

The Hornster is so loud it could kill the person using it.
The Hornster is so loud it could kill the person using it.

The Hornster, as it’s been dubbed, is actually an Airchime KH3A that has been lifted from an American train. Power is provided by a fully pressurised scuba diving cylinder mounted to the seat tube, so understandably, it’s pretty damn loud.

At close quarters, it emits a whopping 178 decibels, which is louder than most objects we encounter on a day to day basis. It’s louder than a pneumatic drill at 1.2 metres (125dB), louder than a 12 gauge shotgun blast (165dB) and only 2dB shy of the 180dB limit at which hearing tissue physically dies as a result of exposure.

For reference, the loudest sound possible is 194dB.

Obviously, the hornster is so loud, it could actually prove physically dangerous to the person using it. In a worst case scenario, where it startles or disorients the rider, it could even prove fatal, which is why it is only recommended for use with adequate ear defenders.

With adequate hearing protection in place, we think you’ll agree the Hornster is more than sufficient for cyclists to make themselves heard over the din of urban traffic. Some (ourselves not included) may even think it’s overkill. Just.

The Hornster was dreamed up by Yannick Read, who was also responsible for such works as the BOND bike equipped with a flamethrower, and the QTvan — the world’s smallest caravan.

It’s currently on sale for a very reasonable £4,995. You can see it in action for yourself by watching the video below. When you’re done, tell us what you think of it by leaving a comment below or heading over to our Facebook page.


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