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If Darth Vader built a Batmobile, it would look like the Darthcar

No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you’re staring at in utter disbelief is the Darthcar, a full-size Hot Wheels Darth Vader vehicle based on a C5 Chevy Corvette. Let the complete badassery of that last sentence sink in for a minute.

Why does the Darthcar exist? Because there’s a new Star Wars movie set to debut in 2015, that’s why. Hot Wheels has hopped on the bandwagon to create playsets and replica vehicles, of which the Darthcar is the most bonkers.

The Darthcar was designed in house by Hot Wheels’ parent company Mattel and built by Picture Car Warehouse. It uses a carbon fibre nose section, has wheels by MHT and is powered by an LS3 V8 with 562hp, breathing through a backlit, side-exit exhaust.

Obviously, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to drive, let alone buy a Darthcar, but if you want to see it up close for yourself you’ll need to hot foot it over to the San Diego Comic-Con this very day. Once there you can contemplate buying a toy version of the car, which comes in a case that looks a bit like Darth’s red lightsaber, all in a commemorative box, priced at $40.

If you can’t get that far that quickly then don’t worry, you can check out the Darthcar in the pics and video below.


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