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Infiniti gets it right with the QX30 crossover concept

Geneva Motor Show: There’s a chance you have only heard of Infiniti in a Formula One capacity, which is a shame when the posh arm of Nissan has just revealed the QX30.

The stylish QX30 concept is a compact crossover that combines the styling of a coupe with the versatility and off-roading capability of all-wheel drive, differentiating itself from the previously unveiled Q30 hatchback concept.

The five-door QX30 is just as capable of ‘navigating city streets as it is exploring weekend getaways’, claims Infiniti, thanks to 21-inch alloy wheels, increased ground clearance, chunkier tyres, sculpted skid plates, lower bumper and roof racks. 

This particular QX30 is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder mated to a seven-speed automatic, with power sent to the rear wheels. Infiniti says all-wheel drive will be an option as well as other engines. We can only hope the gloriously fast 3.5h hybrid found in the Q70 is one of them.  

In terms of getting beyond the concept stages, executive design director Alfonso Albaisa told US car website Autoblog the QX30 is “earmarked for production” – along with the Q30 – potentially as early as later in 2015.

Infiniti will face stiff competition in the form of the Mercedes GLA, Lexus NX, Audi Q3 and BMW X1 in the highly lucrative C-segment of cars. If the production car looks half as good as the concept (and there’s no guarantee it will), we could be onto a winner.

Infiniti president and CEO Roland Krueger said: “With the QX30 Concept, we’re showcasing a distinctively contemporary alternative in the premium compact segment for those who want something more than the status quo.” 

Another concept was unveiled at the show known as the Q60, a sports coupe based on the Q60 concept. 

Infiniti QX30 concept video


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