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Introducing the £10,700 Bentley phone

Vertu and Bentley have joined forces to launch an exclusive smartphone. It’s named the Vertu for Bentley and is worth a truly insane £10,700 – about as much as 20 new iPhones.

Wondering what is so great about a phone that costs more than some cars? The simple answer is nothing from a tech perspective. The Vertu for Bentley Signature Touch is an Android device with 64GB of memory and a 2.3GHz processor, the sort of specs easily matched by a Samsung Galaxy S5 for a fraction of the price.

Vertu handsets are, therefore, distinctly average in terms of technology, but they are renowned for being made out of expensive and rare materials.

The Vertu for Bentley is wrapped in quilted calf leather, in the vintage Bentley shade of Newmarket Tan, and stitched with the diamond pattern you find on the seats of a Continental GT. Lightweight titanium has been used for the case, along with diamond knurling like you would find on the dashboard of some of its cars. Not your run of the mill plastic phone, then.

A single worker produces each handset at the company’s headquarters in Hampshire and then leaves them with his or her signature upon completion. According to their chief executive Massimiliano Pogliani, the phone’s exterior is the ‘contemporary embodiment of English craftsmanship’.

Adding a hint of value is a 24/7 concierge service for every owner of the Bentley blower, which includes perks such as tickets to sold out shows and reservations to the hottest restaurants in town, according to Vertu.

The high end fashion brand promises their concierges will even help owners buy presents for friends and family. Vertu also pledges to arrange ‘money-can’t-buy’ events for them. What exactly this entails is anyone’s guess, but it sounds promising.

Will you be buying one? We would rather keep the money and put it towards an actual Bentley. But, then again, we are anything but the target market.

Vertu for Bentley Signature Touch video


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