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Jaguar C-X17 Crossover SUV: Official pictures revealed

Rejoice We’ve got three quarters of a zillion new pictures of Jaguar’s new Crossover-cum-SUV, the C-X17 concept. Scroll down and have a look at them, mull them mind and tell us what you think in the comments below.

From our point of view it’s a bit, well, odd. It’s certainly beautiful in places; the feline inspiration is very apparent in the cute but aggressive front end, it’s sleek in profile and the back is lovely – like a sort of pumped up F-Type on steroids. But we can’t say we’re in love with it after viewing the thing as a whole.

Perhaps it’s a grower.

Of course, the C-X17 isn’t the real story here. The real star of the show is the architecture on which it sits. Codenamed iQ[Al], the all-aluminium monocoque sits on a modular, scalable platform that will form the basis of all Jaguar’s future cars.

Its purpose is to help Jaguar grow its product portfolio and target high-growth areas of the premium market. If one particular style of vehicle happens to take the industry by storm, this platform will ensure it is well positioned to react quickly with a luxury example of its own. Crucially, the new architecture will allow Jaguar to move into higher volume production, which should help bring its products into a more accessible price bracket.

The first Jaguar to use the new architecture will be a new C/D segment premium saloon, which will be rolled-out globally from 2015. It will be produced at an all-new facility in Solihull, England.

“The C-X17 sports crossover represents an exciting new direction for Jaguar. Its purpose is to highlight our all-new aluminium architecture,” Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar, said.”With this technical foundation, we will dramatically expand Jaguar’s product offering, market potential and customer appeal.

“This new philosophy will bring technology from our luxury products into an accessible price segment, and when combined with our new ultra-efficient engines, we will set a global standard. Add to these rational values, the class-leading dynamics, and the beauty and purity of form that Jaguar is renowned for, and we have the formula for a monumental leap forward.”

The global rollout of the Jaguar iQ[Al] platform will begin in 2015.

Jaguar C-X17 pictures


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