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Jaguar E-Type Zero: 10 things worth knowing

The legendary Jaguar E-Type is back and this time with a 21st century powertrain. We delve into the details of the stunning all-electric E-Type Zero.

Jaguar unveiled a couple of surprises at its inaugural Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest, the most exciting of which was easily the E-Type Zero. Based on the 1968 1.5 E-Type Roadster, the new version is a mix of old-school design and cutting-edge propulsion.

So what else is worth knowing about Jaguar’s E-Type Zero? Allow us to elaborate in the form of 10 facts. Because here at Recombu Cars we’re nice like that.

1) Jaguar E-Type Zero: Out with the old…

The E-Type Zero uses a 220kW (295bhp) electric powertrain that actually shares very similar dimensions and weighs the same as the XK six-cylinder engine in the original car, even though it is around 30bhp more powerful. The motor actually sits where the gearbox used to, behind the battery pack.

2) Jaguar E-Type Zero: True to the original

Ignoring the electric powertrain, the E-Type Zero is, according to Jaguar, ‘totally original in specification’. Only the modified instrumentation, touchscreen and energy-efficient LED headlights mixing things up a bit, which means it is still painfully pretty.

3) Jaguar E-Type Zero: Retro drive

Though you are unlikely to get the chance to drive the original E-Type, Jaguar assures us the Zero version drives in similar fashion, including the way it rides, brakes and handles. This is partly because the suspension, brakes and weight distribution are unchanged.

4) Jaguar E-Type Zero: Expect a decent range

By slapping a 40kWH lithium-ion battery cell in the E-Type Zero, it can manage a claimed 170 miles (270km) of ‘real world’ range, which is better than a lot of electric cars (but not a Tesla).

5) Jaguar E-Type Zero: Boost your batteries

Even better is the fact the E-Type Zero, which can glide along in near silence and offer all torque instantly, can be recharged in six to seven hours depending, of course, on the sort of charge point you use. So you can leave it overnight in the garage and away you go the next day.

6) Jaguar E-Type Zero: 21st century performance

0-62mph (0-100kmh) takes just 5.5 seconds in the E-Type Zero, making it fast by modern-day standards and around a second faster than the original. This is partly thanks to the fact it weighs 46kg less than the original car, even with that big-old battery cell onboard.

7) Jaguar E-Type Zero: I-Pace DNA

To make the E-Type Zero electric, a lot of what is in the forthcoming I-Pace all-electric car has been implemented, including various technologies and components.

8) Jaguar E-Type Zero: Guilt-free motoring

A lack of an engine means absolutely zero emissions are emitted out the back, keeping your lungs and those of the people around you from being harmed. And, if your energy source is somewhat green (solar panels, for example), you can recharge it without feeling guilty too.

9) Jaguar E-Type Zero: Others to follow

Jaguar was keen to point out that any XK-engined car could be given the same treatment, which seems like a very unsubtle way of saying other classic car conversions will follow. Electric XKSS, anyone?

10) Jaguar E-Type Zero: The price is a mystery

We say a ‘mystery’ in the sense Jaguar never actually quotes one, but this is a high-tech version of one of the world’s prettiest and most desirable cars on the planet so expect a seriously big figure to buy one. Assuming, of course, you can even get on the list. Peasants such as us need not apply.


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