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Revealed: Jeremy Clarkson’s worst cars over the last year

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed the worst cars he has driven from 2015 until now, including a Skoda so dull he says it should be bought “by the foot”.

Writing in his Sunday Times column, the ex-Top Gear host slated the Vauxhall Astra SRi Nav, a car he never actually drove because he preferred to spend the weekend in an Aston Martin. At least he admitted it was fine for anyone who wants four wheels and a place to sit.

He was also rather unhappy with the Infiniti Q30 – a car we rather liked, but were no means wowed by – citing the fact it has a noisy diesel and lacks grunt for overtaking.

As for the Skoda Superb, a remarkably civilised and cheaper VW Passat alternative, he said it has “the same amount of soul as a fridge freezer” and is a car you would “buy by the foot”.

A strange addition to the list was the Zenos E10, which is a two-seater sports car with serious levels of performance. Citing the TVR-esque complete lack of driving aids, he complained about the fact the brakes lock up and that it has fidgety steering.

He also slated the Renault Kadjar (“a dreary milestone on motoring’s road to oblivion”), the BMW X1 crossover thing (“a BMW by beancounters”), Seat Leon X-Perience (“a waste of time”) and the VW Scirocco, a car that reminded him “how much I wanted a Golf GTI”. He has a point.

Nissan managed to take two rounds of flak from Clarkson, the second being for the Nissan GT-R Track Edition. To be fair, as great as the GT-R is, it benefits from being a bit softer on UK roads. And if you disagree, bear in mind the new GT-R was made softer by Nissan.

Hyundai also failed to escape Clarkson’s wrath, but to be fair the i800 is as dull as it gets. It is the car that says, “I gave up on life ten years ago”. Such was his disdain, The Grand Tour host said he would rather “sleep on a bench and catch flu” than have a ride in one.

Clarkson also listed his ten favourite cars over the same 2015/2016 period in a previous article, which included the Ford Focus RS (we liked it), Ford Mustang (we really liked it), BMW M2 (we loved it) and Vauxhall Zafira (yes, really).


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