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Jump start your car with this tiny smartphone battery pack

JunoPower’s Jumpr device recharges your mobile and jumpstarts your car.

Most of us are familiar with portable battery packs that recharge our mobile phones, but how about a pack that’s so poweful it can also jump start a car? Say hello to the JunoPower Jumpr — an portable battery pack that can jumpstart “almost all four and six cylinder engines.” 

This handy device can give your car battery a jumpstart and charge your mobile
This handy device can give your car battery a jumpstart and charge your mobile

The Jumpr is extremely compact and lightweight, considering its power. It measures a mere 139 x 75 x 15mm — so it’s roughly the same size as many modern mobile phones — and weighs just shy of 200g (an iPhone weighs just north of 100g).

Despite its petite dimensions its 6,000mAh battery pack is capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in minutes. The Jumpr comes with a variety of cables, which can provide compatibility for a host of different devices. 

As amazing as it seems, the Jumpr is not a completely new idea. It offers similar functionality to rival portable jumpstarters such as Chromo Inc.’s PowerGo and Antigravity Batteries’ Microstart XP-3.

Jumpr is the cheapest and most stylish of the trio, retailing at $69.99 (£41.58). The PowerGo, meanwhile, offers a 13,800mAh capacity, which is enough juice for eight jump starts. Finally, the Microstart XP-3 arguably has more flexibility thanks to a handy 19V output for recharging a laptop, plus an integrated LED torch.

The Jumpr is available via the JunoPower Web site


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