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Woman charged for using Google Glass while driving, but how dangerous is it?

A californian woman has been charged for speeding and distracted driving while using Google Glass. But just how risky is using the device when behind the wheel?

The officer claimed that not only was Cecilia Abadie driving too fast, but her tech-enabled headset blocked her view whilst driving.

Google Glass operates much like modern smartphones, allowing users to check emails, browse the web, check Facebook and Twitter and even take photos. Like mobile phones, anyone caught using the headset whilst driving will be charged. 

Here in the UK, those caught driving whilst wearing Google Glass will be stung with the same penalties as those caught using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel: a fine of £100 and three points on your licence. 

Even if the device is switched off, you can still be charged. Abadie did not comment about her speeding charge, but denied actually using the device, even though it was on her face and switched on. 

But just how dangerous is using Google Glass whilst driving? The device’s turn-by-turn navigation is relatively simple. It’s capable of providing pop-up notifications of upcoming turns, so using it for directions isn’t that much different from using a sat nav. Google claims the device will free your hands and your eyes by limiting the need to take your eyes off the road

However, because Google Glass allows you to acceess a broad range of functions (you can update Twitter, Facebook, record video etc.) this means that there is a bigger risk of drivers becoming distracted.

What this can mean is less concentration paid on the roads and more concern over whether that selfie you just took in the rear view mirror has captured your best side. 

What do you think? Should drivers be fined for using Google Glass on the move? Let us know in the comments below. 


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