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Kia Sportspace is the ultimate ‘getaway’ car

Kia makes some great cars, but nothing that would make the heart skip a beat. But if anything is going to change that, it’s the Sportspace concept set for an unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Kia Sportspace is said to be the ultimate ‘getaway’ car and by that we mean for driving over to France or on a Sunday drive, not hanging out the windows with an UZI. Kia describes it as neither a saloon or wagon, hatchback or shooting brake

The D-pillar has been pushed forward to try and reduce the look of an estate, while Kia’s ‘tiger-nose’ grille can now rotate to improve airflow. ‘Ice Cube’ LED headlights, twin tailpipes, roof-level spoiler, door handles that appear only when needed and 20-inch alloys with carbon fibre inserts add a bit more jazz. 

A black colour scheme was chosen for the interior because it is ‘purposeful’, with carbon fibre and anodised aluminium and a customisable infotainment display breaking things up a bit. The rear view mirror is a screen that displays a view from a camera at the back of the car. 

The front wheels are turned by a 2.0-litre turbocharged T-GDI petrol, which develops 250PS so it should be a spritely drive. No word on performance figures just yet, though.

Kia chief designer Gregory Guillaume said: “Kia does not have a wagon in this important segment of the European market, but I was determined that we would not simply create something that conformed to tradition. This car comes from an ambition I had when I was studying design in Switzerland as a young man.”

He added: “I always had this picture in my mind of creating a vehicle that I could have used to go for a weekend’s skiing with friends before driving back for it to be displayed at the Geneva Salon. Geneva is a special show for me – it comes as winter starts to release its grip.

“It has a special atmosphere and a particular appeal. The ideal concept vehicle had to reflect this – and I believe the Sportspace does just that.”

The Kia Sportspace hatch/saloon/shootingbrake/sport tourer/whatever you want to call it will be on show at the Geneva Motor Show from the 3rd of March. Check out the pictures below in the meantime. 

Kia Sportspace concept pictures


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