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Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K is a McLaren P1 GTR rival

Ferrari has announced a track-oriented version of the LaFerrari known as the FXX K, which will compete with McLaren’s P1 GTR programme.

Just like the McLaren, the LaFerrari FXX K (seen here in prototype form) is unable to drive on the road legally. This, ladies and gentleman, is a machine designed to go around a track so fast it hurts.

Ferrari’s engineers have increased the power output from both the monstrous V12 engine and electric motor. An extra 59bhp for the former and 26bhp for the latter means power is an absurd 1,035bhp – a noticeable step up from the standard 950bhp La Ferrari.

Naturally, the La Ferrari FXX K will go ‘FXX K-ing’ fast. Exactly how fast is unknown, but torque is a healthy 664lb/ft so 0 to 62mph should take around two seconds. The standard car’s 0 to 186mph time of 15 seconds and 217mph top speed are also likely to be obliterated.

Other changes to the car include the removal of the silencers in the exhaust so it’s going to be ear-bleedingly loud, new camshafts, new intake manifolds and four modes for the electric motor: Long Run (consistent running), Manual Boost (instant maximum torque), Fast Charge (fast energy recovery) and Qualify (maximum short-burst performance).

Elsewhere you get Pirelli racing slick tyres, FXX K-specific racing seats and data logging equipment to help improve your lap times. Usual race stuff, then.

The FXX K Ferrari is somewhat different in the looks department. It has various tweaks to the front bumper and splitter, including sitting 30mm lower than usual. At the back is a massive rear diffuser and a rear wing that looks like the middle bit fell off, the latter of which is said to improve downforce by up to 50 per cent.

Sadly there’s no UK allocation for the LaFerrari FXX K and the price is non-existent. Based on the £2million for a McLaren P1 GTR and €1.3million for the Enzo FXX, it’s going to be expensive. If you weren’t invited to buy one, you’ll just have to look at the pictures like the rest of us.

For a road-legal alternative, check out our F12 Berlinetta review.

Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K pictures


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