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LaFerrari XX prototype sounds like a dream, until its suspension snaps [video]

LaFerrari XX prototype sounds beautifully brutal in video of testing. That is, until the suspension snaps.

The fast, but oddly-named LaFerrari is set to get even faster. Ferrari now want to create an XX race track version of the hybrid hyper car… as though it needed improving. 

LaFerrari goes all XX on us, as the prototype sings sweetly but suspension snaps
LaFerrari goes all XX-rated on us. 

Video of the XX prototype shows the XX prototype singing sweetly through the straights and corners of Monza. It all seems to be working beautifully until the car’s suspension gives way and the rear right wheel wobbles as the car takes a left-hand turn.

It’s unclear what causes the failure (too much downforce? too much power? a dodgy part?) but we suspect the performance mods Ferrari has applied to the LaFerrari XX were just too much for the part in question.

The ‘bog-standard’ LaFerrari boasts a whopping 950bhp, with 789bhp coming from a 6.3-litre rear-mid mounted V12 and a further 161bhp courtesy of a HY-KERS hybrid unit. Quite how Ferrari intend to dial the performance figures up for the XX model is yet to be fully understood, though the XX could benefit from a reduction in weight, more power or a combination of both.

Previous XX models have included Ferrari Enzo XX and the 599 XX. Ferrari clients lucky enough to own such vehicles are invited to partake in XX racing challenges, through Ferrari’s Corse Clienti programme.

We don’t know how long it’ll be until the LaFerrari XX will be fully complete, but while we wait let’s all enjoy the sweet sound of that engine and try to ignore the busted suspension. 



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