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Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce just embarrassed a lot of Nürburgring supercar times

Lamborghini just posted a video of its Aventador LP 750-4 Super Veloce lapping the legendary Nürgburgring and guess what? It’s fast. So fast, in fact, that it nearly put a certain £1million German hypercar to shame.

The video shows the Aventador Super Veloce managing an astonishing time of 6:59.7. To put that into perspective, the Porsche 918 hybrid hypercar and its combination of a 4.6-litre V8 and two electric motors was only two seconds faster around the exact same course.

McLaren, meanwhile, said something about a time of less than seven minutes but is yet to officially verify, making us wonder if the Porsche bettered it. Ferrari is yet to give a time for the LaFerrari for likely the same reasons. Spoilsports.

Only the utterly mental Radical SR8 and its LM edition, which are as practical as standing on your head for two weeks, is faster (6:48 and 6:55, respectively). Technically neither Radical is mass produced and therefore not a true production car but it is very much road legal.

Other cars to be destroyed by monster Lambo include the Enzo Ferrari (26 seconds slower), Nissan GT-R (8 seconds slower), Lexus LFA Nürburgring package (15 seconds slower) and the Ferrari 458 Italia (33 seconds slower).

There is, of course, the human element that could be partly why the Lamborghini did so well (unofficially it is Pirelli test driver Marco Mapelli at the wheel but Lambo is yet to confirm), not to mention the conditions on the day. But if accurate and fair, hybrids still have something to fear.

The Aventador SV is hardly your run-of-the-mill machine, mind you. It shares the same 700bhp 6.5-litre V12 as the LP-700, only it has been tuned to gain an extra 50bhp, is 50kg lighter and has carbon fibre bloody everywhere, fixed rear cooling intakes, new front splitter and a fixed rear wing for improved downforce.

It also has been stripped of its stereo, carpets and various other creature comforts to save even more weight, while the seats are of the carbon fibre variety. Pirelli P Zero tyres complete what is a very potent package. Think 0 to 62mph in 2.8 seconds and 0 to 125mph in 8.6 seconds.

Given the Lamborghini costs £285,000, it is a relative bargain if all you want is sheer track-conquering performance in trademark Lambo design insanity. That’s everyone, then.

Watch some astonishingly impressive driving that will make you feel woefully inadequate then check out our preview of the car from Geneva 2015.

Lamborghini LP 750-4 SV Nürburgring lap in under 7m


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