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Last weekend to dance with the Spirit of Ecstasy with free Rolls-Royce exhibition in London

This weekend, visitors to London’s Saatchi Gallery can experience a tech-driven interactive show and see how one of the UK’s oldest car brands builds its cars.

The Spirit of Ecstasy is given a pretty digital makeover

Sadly the cars are too enormous to fit inside the gallery, but visitors are equipped with an iPad as they step into the gallery and, as you move from room-to-room, you can discover how the car-building process unfolds. The iPads helpfully offer great pub quiz facts, such as “Did you know…at 70mph, a Rolls-Royce is only using 8% of its power?” (We didn’t.)

Each room is interactive and there’s even a children’s area with games to play. You can even met the person whose job it is to handcraft each LED light of the Wraith’s starry cabin roof, as featured in our video review! 

The final room is a particular favourite, where you can dance with the Spirit of Ecstasy, so to speak. Your movements are imitated by the digital display – the more you move, the more digital fireworks appear. The result is quite beautiful, not unlike Sienna Miller who gave it a go earlier in the week.

The exhibition is free and ends 16th November. The Saatchi Gallery is a short walk from Sloane Square tube station and admits visitors until 5.30pm. For those who won’t be able to make it, check out our photo gallery below.



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