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Lexus LF-SA concept is a pint-sized urban 2+2

Geneva Motor Show: Lexus is celebrating 25 years since the first ever Lexus, the LS400, with a pint-sized city car concept known as the LF-SA.

The LF-SA measures just 3.4m in length, 1.7m in width and 1.43m in height so it has the proportions to get itself out of a particularly tight jam, but enough interior space to make life (relatively) comfortable for up to four passengers.

Knowing city cars spend most of their life with the driver alone, the seat is fixed in place, while the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable so in essence you bring the controls to you. Those wanting to access the back seats can slide the front passenger seat forward.

The small LF-SA has a big face, largely thanks to the Lexus trademark trapezoidal grille sitting between aggressive-looking headlights. At the back are even thinner L-shaped tail lights and a roof spoiler that overhangs the rear window.

There’s a bit of a space theme going on. Stellar Silver for the paintjob is a nod to space exploration, while the interior is inspired by a solar eclipse.

Speaking of the interior, the LF-SA has a cool hologram style digital display incorporated into the instrument binnacle and there’s a wide-angle head-up display for displaying useful information to the driver without him having to look away from the road.

Lexus is yet to say whether the LF-SA will reach production, which is a shame because it sure would stand out among its city car rivals.

Lexus LF-SA concept pictures


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