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Mad Max to drive insane Gigahorse monster truck

The Mad Max films were never blessed with much in the way of sanity — the clue is in the title — but the upcoming fourth instalment in the series looks to be the most bonkers yet. Out go the supercharged muscle cars and balloon-wheeled dune buggies of the previous three films and in come some of the most monstrous trucks even seen in cinema.

Is it a monster truck? Is it a pile-up on wheels? Whatever it is, we love the Gigahorse.
Is it a monster truck? Is it a pile-up on wheels? Whatever it is, we love the Gigahorse.

Fury Road, the upcoming Mad Max 4, will feature a vehicle dubbed the Gigahorse, which looks a lot like an armoured troop transporter that’s just barrelled its way through an American scrapyard.

With the back end of one 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe welded on top of another identical Caddy, the Gigahorse shouldn’t be short of lounging space. It also doesn’t look as if it will lack power either, with a reported pair of supercharged V8s hooked up to the gigantic back axle. Exhaust pipes the size of streetlamps adorn the sides.

And if you thought 20-inch rims were cool, think again — Gigahorse must be running at least 44s on its quad-wheel, tractor-tyred back end.

Two new Mad Max films are in the works, being shot back-to-back this year with the Namibian desert standing in for the Australian outback. British actor Tom Hardy will play Max Rockatansky, replacing the increasingly wrinkly Mel Gibson in the title role.

The movies are of course set in a post-apocalyptic future where society has broken down and fuel is as precious as life, so what better choice of transport than a huge chunk of Detroit iron that will be lucky to get five miles to the gallon?

Still, it’d be worse if it were based on anything resembling reality. Who’d want to sit for 90 minutes watching the exploits of Mildly Annoyed Max in his 5mph, solar-powered milk float?


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