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Man sends car across raging river on zip line

Watch this amazing video of a man sending his car across a raving river on a zip line!

What do you do when faced with a raging river with no bridge nearby? Reverse and drive away? Not for one Siberian driver, who amazingly zip-lined his car across the waters of the raging Siberian river. 

The driver, with the help of some more adventurous fellow Russians, hoisted the car onto wires to get it across. It hung by just four cords, slipping off the edge of the river bank ever so tentatively, before appearing to fly with ease along the zip-line, making it to the other side of the river in one piece. 

The video which captures the amazing footage also shows the car appearing to hit a tree on the other side of the river. However, shortly before the video finishes, the vehicle is shown gently rocking on the wires, safe from the rampaging torrent beneath. 

There is still no film of how it was brought down from the zip line, but we’re sure these crazy Russians will have it figured out. 

Some of those who have watched the video on the internet have claimed it’s just a clever tricked up stunt. But what do you think? Watch the video and let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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