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McLaren 675LT: Everything you need to know

McLaren has finally spilled the beans on the 675LT (short for Longtail), the most extreme offering yet from its Super Series range of cars. Here’s just about everything you need to know about it.

Most supercars look glacial in comparison

Pluck up the nerves to mash the accelerator and 0 to 62mph comes and goes in 2.9 seconds, the time it takes to realise you just left your face and internal organs behind. Meanwhile 0 to 124mph takes 7.9 seconds, half a second less than it takes the Vauxhall Adam S to reach half the speed. Suddenly the average Aston Martin or Ferrari seems a bit, well, average. 

It has a lot of horses

The name is a big clue as to what we’re dealing with. 675PS translates to 666bhp, making it a devilishly easy way to lose your licence. Its M838LT 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol gives the 1,230kg 675LT a power to weight ratio of 549PS per tonne. Torque is 516lb/ft (700Nm) from 5,500 to 6,500rpm.

The fuel bills won’t bankrupt you

Believe it or not, McLarens are fairly fuel efficient given the eye-watering pace they offer and the 675LT is no different. Take it steady and as much as 24.2mpg could be yours, while CO2 emissions are a modest 275g/km, the same as other Super Series models.

Ignition cut is now a thing

You know when fuel is cut during a gear change? Well, McLaren has ditched that in favour of cutting the ignition to improve gearshift speed. It also means you get a ‘distinct crack’ as the unburnt fuel is ignited by the spark, meaning it should make you grin more. And make your neighbours hate you.

Customisation aplenty

Those who crave a little more personalisation can opt for one of five bespoke colours for the ‘By McLaren’ interior, each one complimenting the exterior paintjob with upholstery and unique trim detailing, cabin stitching, brake calipers and wheels. Speaking of which, a choice of Chicane Grey, Delta Red, Napier Green and Silica White is available in addition to the unmissable McLaren Orange.

Even the rubber is better

Not content with an extensive list of revisions, McLaren decided it would be best to swap the usual Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres for some Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs, increasing grip by six per cent. There’s also a new steering rack that supposedly is the fastest ever fitted to a McLaren, mated with a bespoke suspension setup that borrows certain bits from the range-topping and insanely expensive McLaren P1 hybrid.

Up with downforce

Aerodynamic revisions such as a new front splitter and a larger ‘Longtail’ Airbrake give the 675LT up to 40 per cent more downforce compared with the 650S, meaning it will stick to the tarmac like white hairs to a black suit and that means it can go round corners faster.

It stops nearly as quickly as it goes

Slam on the brakes and the McLaren 675LT will go from 62mph to standstill in a mere three seconds or 30.2 metres. This is achieved in part with the Longtail Airbrake, but mainly because of discs that dwarf a 30cm ruler. 394mm discs at the front, to be precise, and 380mm discs at the rear.

It retains most creature comforts

Although the 675LT is the most extreme Super Series model on offer, it has been designed to keep you comfortable on the road. So while 11kg has been saved in removing the air conditioning (it can be added if you so desire), you get a DAB digital radio and lightweight Meridian audio system. There’s also McLaren’s IRIS infotainment system, which has a portrait display so the driver and passenger can be seated closer, so weight is distributed more evenly.

Now for the bad news

Put down the cheque book, all 500 examples have been sold ahead of its release. Those who were able to order one can expect deliveries from July 2015. Prices started from £259,500, making it around £64,500 more expensive than a 650S.


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